May 2014

Base oils plant Shell Pernis closed from 2016

**After sixty years of loyal service, Shell’s base oils plant in Pernis will be closing its doors from January 2016.*

This closure will also have consequences for Alpha Wax, because Slack waxes (SPO, LMO and MMO), Micro waxes (LMP, HMP) and Foots oils (FOM) will no longer be produced at this site from 2016. The base oils plant in Pernis was an important source for our raw materials, and we only expect to notice the full consequences of the closure in two years’ time.

Extra reserves
In the build-up to 2015, Shell intends to increase production so it can create large reserves of Slack waxes, Micro waxes and Foots oils. The waxes are expected to be available at this site until well into 2016.

New partners
Furthermore, Alpha Wax is currently working very hard with new partners so we can continue offering raw materials to our customers after 2016.

From now on, our website will feature regular updates about relevant developments.