November 2012

‘Worst wax museum ever’ closes doors

*Wax can be used to make beautiful figures… but also very ugly ones.

The latter was proven by British wax museum Louis Tussauds. The famous people at the museum have been so poorly copied that one starts to appreciate the accompanying name cards, because not many visitors will spontaneously recognise the famous personalities.

Elderly couple June and Peter Hayes opened the museum many years to compete with the famous Madame Tussaud. Although they failed to achieve their initial objective, the museum still attracted many visitors, primarily due to the cult status it gained after being awarded the title of ‘Worst Wax Museum Ever’. However, due to the absence of potential buyers, doors to the museum are now being closed to make way for residential property.

If you want to see how the real professionals make wax figures, click here

Photo text: Do you recognise him? Then let us know! Successful entries will go into a prize draw for a number of “House of Wax” DVD’s.