Our values

The Alpha Standard

We believe that it’s the people who make all the difference to our company. And we believe that personal contact is essential in this respect. Among colleagues, and in our interaction with the customer. That’s why human qualities are the most important factor in our company standards. We are guided by sincerity, integrity and respect for people in all our work.

This means we’re honest and transparent in our actions. It means we take other people’s interests into consideration. It means we naturally respect the law and everyone’s opinions. But it also means that we do our very best to guarantee the health and safety of our staff, our customers, our suppliers and our logistic services providers. And, of course, working for Alpha Wax should also just be fun.

Results-oriented, enterprising

We are human, but as a commercial enterprise we are also results-oriented. This is primarily down to our clear focus: customer- and supplier-oriented thinking. We are true entrepreneurs: new ideas and new ways of working provide us with a more robust competitive position. Our customers know that we are always striving to deliver the highest possible level of quality, ensuring that our enduring profitability lasts into the future as well.
A promise of continuity from which everyone benefits.

Responsible, sustainable, aware

We realize that we are not working in the most environmentally friendly of industries. For that reason we do all we can to minimize the effects of our work on our own ‘carbon footprint’. We are actively striving towards fully climate-neutral operations in the long term.

Furthermore, corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness are self-evident for us. We feel a great deal of commitment to the work of such organizations as Oxfam Novib. As corporate ambassador, Alpha Wax is making a structural contribution to the important work of this organization.