Synthetic Wax

The pure choice

Very pure waxes manufactured from natural gas and produced with the Fischer-Tropp method which ensures an exceptionally high quality and excellent consistency. Free from heavy metals, aromatics, sulphur or other impurities, synthetic waxes are paving the path to the future of waxes for several applications. Ideal for use in the candles, adhesives and paper industries and as a component in wax blends. Our synthetic waxes are complying with RAL, BGVV and FDA standards. We ship ready packaged, in slabs, granules or liquid form.

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Product Kinematic viscosity Congealing point Penetration
CARISMA 2024 at 40 °C 6.4 mm²/s
CARISMA AO 26+ at 100 °C 4,0-5,0 mm²/s 57 - 60 °C 11-15 dmm
Shell Sarawax GTL SX50 at 100 °C 3,0-3,6 mm²/s 52 - 56 °C 22-40 dmm
Shell Sarawax GTL SX70 at 100 °C 5,0-8,0 mm²/s 68 - 72 °C 9-16 dmm
SX105 at 130 °C 25 mm²/s max 101 - 108 °C at 65°C||12dmm max