Slack Wax

The raw ally

Processed by pressing, to decrease the oil content, and discoloring to produce crude paraffin wax. All types are used as blending components or waterproofing agents in the manufacture of various industrial products. Ideal for use in the construction, candles, paint, and chemical industries. We guarantee the safety of our supply chain for the present and the future thanks to our extremely reliable sources worldwide. We ship in liquid form (heated).

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Product Kinematic viscosity Congealing point Max oil content
ALPHA SLACKWAX LMO at 100 °C 5,2-6,4 mm²/s 52 - 62 °C 28%
ALPHA SLACKWAX SPO at 100 °C 3,0-4,0 mm²/s 45 - 55 °C 20%