Our history

Alpha Wax has over 20 years of history of success and continuous innovation in the wax industry, which led to the establishment of a strong and wide distributorship of waxes in both the European and the North American markets. Our goal has always been to offer high quality solutions to our customers and our suppliers. Through innovation and flexibility, we enable you to find sustainable wax solutions and achieve your business goals.


Alpha Wax was founded in the Netherlands, with the aim to connect wax producers with the end-markets.


Alpha Wax became the sole distributor of Shell waxes in Europe, such as Fischer-Tropsch, LMP and HMP Microwaxes.


A new blending and storage facility is developed in Rotterdam to optimise supply chain and product security.


Alpha Wax opens in the USA and gains the Shell wax distributorship in  North America.                     


Alpha Wax joins the AWAX Group and gets access to the most advanced custom-blend facilities and an expanded network of R&D specialists.