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Synthetic Wax

The pure choice

Very pure waxes manufactured from natural gas and produced with the Fischer-Tropp method which ensures an exceptionally high quality and excellent consistency. Free from heavy metals, aromatics, sulphur or other impurities, synthetic waxes are paving the path to the future of waxes for several applications. Ideal for use in the candles, adhesives and paper industries and as a component in wax blends. Our synthetic waxes are complying with RAL, BGVV and FDA standards. We ship ready packaged, in slabs, granules or liquid form.

Slack Wax

The raw ally

Processed by pressing, to decrease the oil content, and discoloring to produce crude paraffin wax. All types are used as blending components or waterproofing agents in the manufacture of various industrial products. Ideal for use in the construction, candles, paint, and chemical industries. We guarantee the safety of our supply chain for the present and the future thanks to our extremely reliable sources worldwide. We ship in liquid form (heated).

Polyethylene Wax

A flexible crystal

Hard synthetic waxes, with a high melting point and low to medium viscosity, derived from HDPE resin manufacture. Ideal for a variety of different applications including: as a performance additive for hot melt adhesives; as a penetration and melting point modifier for paraffin and microcrystalline waxes; as a lubrication and processing aid for plastics, PVC and rubber; as a dry stir-in additive for inks, in textile emulsions, as the wax portion of polish formulations and as a lubricant in PVC extrusion. We ship ready packaged, in slabs, granules or liquid form.


The excellence in heat storing

A white soft wax made from saturated hydrocarbons. It is an excellent material for storing heat. Ideal for use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, candles, investment casting and coatings industries. We ship ready packaged in slabs, granules, pastilles or liquid form.

Natural Wax

The chemistry of nature

We offer a wide range of 100% petroleum free, sustainable vegetable and animal derived waxes. Ideal for use in candles, cosmetic and food applications, all our natural waxes are FDA compliant and of the highest quality. Beeswax, Soy wax, Olive wax, Coconut wax, Carnauba and Candelilla Wax are just some of the natural products we offer.

Microcrystalline Wax

Superior versatility

A tough yet flexible refined mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons. Our outstanding range of microcrystalline waxes is of the highest quality with respect to odor, color, oil content and consistency. All types have been approved for food and pharmaceutical use. Ideal for use in the cosmetics, chewing gum, hot-melt adhesives and PVC industries. We ship ready packaged in slab, granule or liquid form.

Process Oils

It's all about the flex

Group II premium quality oils derived from petroleum refining cycle. Free from aromatics, sulfur and polar compounds. They are used either as a raw component or as an aid to processing in various industrial applications such as cosmetics and Pharma, textile, rubber and adhesives.

Any specific need?

Alpha Wax is part of the AWAX group, the largest producer, blender and customizer of wax in Europe. We have the capability and the technology to offer any type of wax for any type of application worldwide.

Extensive catalogue

Our wide range of products provides solutions for any application, from cosmetics and food to candles, coatings and many more.

Global distribution

We deliver worldwide with the highest efficiency. Our commercial offices are located in Europe and the USA. 

R&D support

30+ wax scientists ready to assist you in finding the best solution to your needs.

Sustainably thriving

We help you achieve your sustainability requirements and transition towards more sustainable solutions.

Sustainably thriving

We work closely with our partners to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our products. We offer you tailored support to achieve your sustainability requirements and transition towards the best sustainable solutions for your business. 



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New product: Sarawax SX105

Alpha Wax BV is proud to announce that, starting January 1st 2023, will be the official distributor of Shell GTL Sarawax SX105 for Shell Malaysia in Europe and Turkey.